At the intersection of marketing, innovation, and sustainability, I'm cultivating a vocation.

I'm leveraging my digital media expertise to advance the causes I care about most. After three years at the U.S. Green Building Council, where I helped drive one of the most powerful brands in sustainability, I currently advise some of the world's largest corporations and most influential nonprofits as a consultant with Bully Puplit Interactive, an authoritative digital strategy firm at the forefront of digital marketing evolution.

This is my story


Digital media debut

The release of "Not Very Smart" first marked my digital media interest at eleven years old.



Through my middle school's website club, I created my first website with Microsoft Front Page and confirmed the digital media passion that would profoundly influence my life.


Greensboro Day School

After years of self-teaching through independent projects, I taught an elective on Creative Suite at my high school, assigning formal grades to 11 students my senior year.


University of North Carolina

While augmenting my skills in digital media, I discovered sustainability as a student at UNC-Chapel Hill, focusing first on alternative transportation and later exploring other subjects, such as energy, waste, food and sustainable business. I graduated with a major in Communication Studies (Media concentration) and a minor in Sustainability, pledging to marry the two passions in my career.


New Forum

As director of communications at Charlotte-based New Forum, I oversaw marketing and communications for two mixed-use developments and four major retirement communities, offering an innovative perspective that refreshed the brands and provided a more robust online presence.


U.S. Green Building Council

As a member of the marketing team for more than two years, I help drive the LEED® brand at USGBC, where my position beautifully marries marketing, innovation and sustainability. In my current role, I comprehensively manage marketing projects of all kinds—strategizing, planning, working closely with third-party vendors, and often design and develop content myself.
Thanks to my talented coworkers, I expand my knowledge
and skills every day, helping me to make a tangible
difference at USGBC and in the green
building movement.

This is my impact

Yannell House · LEED Platinum · Eric Allix Rogers (via Flickr)

Executive presentations

Opting for Apple's Keynote over PowerPoint, I have transformed the visual components of USGBC's high-level presentations, creating powerful imagery that complements the message rather than conventionally paraphrasing with bullet points. I work regularly with CEO Rick Fedrizzi and other senior leaders when they speak to diverse audiences across the world, from top coorporate executives to thousands of green building enthusiasts in Asia, Europe, South America and Africa.

LEED Dynamic Plaque

The future of LEED is in the Dynamic Plaque, which beautifully displays a building's performance score in five categories. I play a key role in branding the Dynamic Plaque—refining its messaging, redesigning its website, producing short videos, creating critical Keynote presentations, managing professional photography, and working with USGBC's technology team to envision the future online experience for all building occupants.

USGBC's LEED Platinum headquarters is home to the world's first LEED Dynamic Plaque.

Video production

Following our Greenbuild Conference last November, I endeavored to add Adobe After Effects to my suite of skills. Already, I have completed a videos overviewing USGBC programs and have many others in the pipeline.

Staff resources website

Upon recognizing the absence of a central location for USGBC staff to easily access reliable, up-to-date resources such as presentations, one-pagers and statistics, I decided to make one myself. The resulting website is now widely relied upon by staff for critical content, and I've been asked to incrementally expand the platform to include additional resources.

Sports initiative

The sports industry offers one of the strongest platforms for promoting sustainability. I am helping to spearhead USGBC's effort to advance its mission through sports, working closely with the Green Sports Alliance to develop resources that promote LEED for sports venues and team participation in the Green Apple Day of Service. I travel annually to the Green Sports Alliance Summit and frequently author articles related to sustainability in sports on behalf of USGBC.

A diverse skill set, growing perpetually.

Since recording "Not Very Smart," I have used a continuous series of independent projects—from Forward Fare to freelancing—to develop my knowledge and skills in digital media.
My foremost objective every day is honing and expanding that skill set.

Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Apple Keynote

Content management systems
Email marketing clients
Google AdSense/AdWords
Google Analytics

Project management tools
Social media and blogging platforms
Written and verbal communication